Joey plays with toys and jerks his uncut cock

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    Joey Lafontaine strokes his uncut cock

    Joey Lafontaine is almost giddy with horny excitement and can barely keep the smile off his face as he reaches in his pants and pulls out his thick 7 inch uncut cock. Holding that mighty beast up for inspection before stripping bare naked. He teases the camera with his smooth body and throbbing pecker then pulls his legs up and stuffs his fingers up inside his asshole.

    Totally lost in a sexual trance as he watches his fingers disappear inside his body. He grabs a transparent butt plug and forces it into his tight asshole. Gasping when the blunt intruder snaps in place for the first time. He fucks himself silly with that thing then dumps a thick load of cum all over his smooth twink belly and smiles up at the camera.

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    Massage-room cock rubbing

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      Shane Barret fucks Jack Rider

      It’s totally unprofessional, of course – any masseur of note should understand the boundaries that exist between him and his client – but who can blame young blond bombshell, Jack Rider, from blurring the lines of those unwritten rules when confronted by a customer who’s as undeniably delicious as Shane Barret…? After all, when everything’s said and done, who could possibly resist a body as pitch perfect or a cock as divinely shaped?!

      Needless to report, therefore, it’s not very long at all before Jack has abandoned his efforts to rub Shane’s back with his hands, and has instead proceeded to work Shane’s cock with his mouth – a move that clearly gains the client’s full appreciation and lines him up for the kind of ass-stretched bonus that we all know is soon gonna winging its way in his direction.

      And so it proves, after a stunning top-to-toe oral bonanza; with Jack splayed out across the massage bench and Shane’s thick raw dick pounding away in his ass. It’s pretty much only a matter of time before both lads are bustin’ their nuts for your pleasure; and having ridden his pal cowboy-style, Jack concludes antics by splurging over Shane’s rippled pecs!

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      Horny Euro boys in a bareback threesome

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        Barebacking twinks in a threesome

        It’s a well known medical fact that prolonged exposure to the cold can lead to all sorts of hallucinations, which may or may not explain the teasing apparition of Brad Fitt and Xander Hollis to Heath Denson when he returns home after a long winter’s walk at the start of this terrific scene. Be it fantasy or reality, however, Denson opens his eyes just as Brad Fitt forces the end of his dick into the young lad’s mouth – and, needless to say, Denson doesn’t balk from the task in hand!

        Nor, for that matter, does Hollis, who promptly unburdens Denson’s straining crotch of its contents and begins to slurp on the swollen contents with similar gusto. The subsequent sight of Fitt and Hollis playfully fighting for their mate’s ramrod, taking turns to slide their lips up and down its length, is one that’ll live long in the memory; as will that of both guys rimming Denson’s ass whilst the recipient is folded up double over a sofa.

        But it’s the hardcore, condom-free fornication that follows that serves as the highlight here, not least of all the pile-on fuck-stack that sees Denson fucking Fitt fucking Hollis! Overall, however, it’s Fitt’s ass-hole that gains most attention, stretched to the max by Denson and Hollis in turn before all three boys dump their loads all over Fitt’s face and torso!

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        Scott Spencer strokes his big uncut cock

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          Scott Spencer jerks off

          21 year old Scott Spencer has a massive throbbing bulge in his shiny shorts right from the start and it never goes down. He strips naked, showing off his huge uncut dick, rubbing plenty of oil into it, jerking off in different positions.. and spunks plenty.. twice!

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          A little intimate fun with Rudy Valentino & Justin Conway

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            Rudy Valentino fucks Justin Conway

            Kids these days. Why, if they’re not meeting up in town with one of their regular fuck buddies then they’re meeting up in town with one of their other ones! On this occasion that means an early morning tryst with blond cock-hound Justin Conway for Rudy Valentino – the horny pair walking up the road hand-in-hand on their way to Justin’s apartment.

            There they stumble into the room like a couple of over-sexed bitches, kissing and groping each other as they eventually collapse onto the nearest sofa for an impromptu session of deep-throated dick-sucking and avaricious ass-rimming. It’s carnal fun of the highest order; and it all gets even hotter when Justin finally submits to the inevitable and plonks his hungry ass onto Rudy’s straining ramrod, taking every raw inch in a succession of mind-blowing positions.

            By the time he’s being fucked on his back across the chair, with his legs splayed out in opposite directions, there’s every chance that you’ll have succumbed yourself and pumped out a healthy load. Something both lads here achieve with desperate ease, with Conway spewing his pent-up wad into Rudy’s mouth. Fabulous!

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            Olivier De Long strokes his massive uncut cock

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              Olivier De Long and his huge uncut cock

              Straight guy Olivier De Long decided to offer us a close up view of his 10” long and incredibly thick uncut dick. At 22 years of age, this rather quiet yet masculine Chris Evans look-alike has a little bad boy streak that begs to be revealed. Olivier is a construction worker originally from Montreal’s North Shore, but now lives in the City to be closer to his day job.

              To get things going, he welcomed a massaged by our in-house pro, Marko Lebeau. After several minutes of stress relief, our 5’10′, 165 lbs. Sagittarian was left alone to chill. That is when he decided to give us a peak of his weapon of mass destruction.

              As the shoot got started, our photographer was unaware of our model’s huge uncut piece of meat, but he was pleased by the guy’s good looks. To the rest of the crew, the site of his jaw dropping when Olivier stripped and started getting hard was priceless. He just couldn’t believe his eyes.

              One gets the full measure of Olivier’s cock when he starts jerking off with both hands one on top of the other, not overlaid. Both of them are not enough to cover the entire length of his dick. Plenty of room left at the head and the base for a good shafting. And, the girth!… His hands could barely grasp the entire thing… Ironically, his dick head is much smaller compared to the rest of his tool.

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              I’ve never seen that much foreskin! Nothing less than stunning, almost mesmerizing.

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                Staxus Uniforms

                This video from Staxus Uniforms category is one hot scene, and there is so much about this one that I love it’s become one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy the thick uncut cock of Dave Cook, a truly wondrous slab of fuckmeat with a full complement of foreskin ready to be licked out and played with by whoever wants it – and we ALL want it!

                So, three hot guys, three uncut cocks, a thick, uncut dick with a really impressive foreskin, and all with a fire-fighter theme too! Does it get any better than this?

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