Mike Rivers jerks his thick uncut cock

Mike Rivers strokes his uncut cock

This is Mike Rivers‘ second video for the You Love Jack and he’s never looked better! From his dreamy brown eyes and mischievous smile to his fat uncut cock – this dirty little twink has got it going on in spades.

Mike admits he’s versatile and normally bottoms but lately he’s been thinking about putting his battering ram of an uncut cock to use as a top. But today, he’s all about filling his own hole so he lubes up a butt plug and guides it easily inside his asshole. The camera comes in for a brilliant close up as he works that dildo in and out of his asshole.

You can see his ass lips stretch wide to accommodate the girth of his transparent intruder. Clamping down on the shaft as he plows it in and out of his body. He sticks it all the way in and takes his hand away. Proudly plugged and loving every minute of it

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