Sheridan strokes his uncut cock

Sheridan works his uncut cock

“I love teaching little kids how to snowboard,” he said. “Although they can be really annoying sometimes.” Snowboarding is his passion. He’s been doing it since he was a little kid himself. “The sense of freedom out on the snow…” he said. “It’s incredible.”

Sheridan was not shy at all. Even though he looks reserved and quiet, he’s not. It didn’t take him long to get out of his clothes and the first thing he wanted to show us was his foreskin. “I love having foreskin!” he said. “I can stretch it out pretty far!” He proceeded to demonstrate, pulling it out and sticking his fingers inside.

“I have a sensitive spot on my foreskin,” he said quietly. “The inside is pretty sensitive when you play with it!”

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Dalton jerks his beautiful uncut cock

Dalton's uncut cock

“So you seem like a bit of a trouble maker!” My supposition came from the way Dalton was running around and goofing off. He was cracking jokes and playing pranks. I knew I would have my hands full! “Not a trouble maker so much…” he said. “I just like to create a little bit of chaos here and there!” Apparently, he loves to create awkward moments and then just watch what happens. “I thrive in them,” he said. “I love people’s reactions… I like to see just how close I can get them to cracking up!”

Dalton’s a handsome guy, with a nice furry ass and a beautiful cock. “When I’m bored I like to play with the foreskin!” he offered when I complimented him on his uncut status. “Play with it how?” “I like to stretch it out, pull it back, tug on it… it’s my favorite toy!” Dalton had no problem opening up to us, and once he got going, he told us about his entire life.

“Wait, wait, wait…” I stopped him after he said something quickly. “Did you say you used to date guys?” “I knew that would catch your attention!” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or just trying to show off but I wanted to know more. “Yeah,” he continued. “I tried it out, dated a buddy of mine for a bit. I was curious to see what it would be like. We dated for about six months.”

“So what happened, did he break your heart?” “Nope. I accidentally broke his. But it was nice dating someone that I could go to the gym with, and wear his clothes. I tried… I guess maybe I’ll try again sometime soon!”

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Muscle jock Wesley strokes his uncut cock

Russian muscle jock Wesley

Wesley was really, really happy to be here! My first impression was that he is really carefree — the kind of guy who isn’t bothered by anything. He’s of Russian and eastern European extraction, with a nice lean swimmer’s build.

He seemed a little surprised that we wanted him to get naked, but after that he was eager to show off. He has a nice uncut cock with tight foreskin, which he can barely pull over his cockhead when his cock is fully erect. He really works that uncut cock and when he cums it squirts all over the place!

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