Worker with long foreskin peeing in public

I’m pretty sure every single guy has at some point been at a public urinal and glanced at the private parts of the guys nearby and compared their own manhood subconsciously with that of the men near them.

And most men don’t give a fuck whenever someone takes a good look at their cock.

It’s not just gay guys who look at other dicks during a bathroom break. Every straight guy had a peek at a stranger’s dick… more than once.

Some guys find it hot to watch another man pee. Others simply love to compare sizes and some are just curious about how other dicks look.

Whatever the reason, I’d say it’s human nature and sometimes it’s damn hard to resist.

When the guy next to you is super hot or when your neighbor at the urinals is someone you actually know, it’s impossible not to look.

Sometimes, you get lucky and spot a beautiful uncut cock! I wouldn’t mind standing next to this worker and his big uncut dick.

I’d probably keep staring… I mean, look at that long foreskin!


This Foreskin Close-Up looks like Art

Foreskin Close-Up

I love flaccid uncut cocks as much as hard uncut cocks. Both are beautiful, right?

What I love most is watching a dick grow… especially that moment when a guy’s dickhead pops out.

I would love to watch the cock in this close-up photo get hard. The skin covering that flaccid cock almost looks like art.

It actually makes me wonder how this piece would look on my living room wall – lol

I wish I could watch that skin stretch and see this dude’s cockhead slowly take off its skin coat.

Close up of flaccid uncut cock




Into Cock Docking? Into Cum? Both?

Are you into cock docking? I love to put my cock into another guy’s foreskin and ‘fuck’ his dick. Jerking off while someone else’s foreskin covers my dick just feels so good.

I love dating guys with loose foreskin, because shooting a load of cum inside another dude’s foreskin is incredibly hot.

So, tell me… are you a cock docking fan? Have you ever put your cock into someone else’s foreskin? Have you ever put your foreskin over another cock?

Skinny Brit lad jerks his uncut cock

Sky James jerks his big uncut cock

Friendly, young, masculine chav lad, Sky James, chats first, then gets down to some horny bulge groping action. Getting a nice big stiffie under his grey tracksuit bottoms, he strips out of his football top, pulling down his trackies to shows off a smooth, lean body with ripped abs and thick impressive bulge, throbbing inside his white boxers.

Pushing his undies down to his ankles, Sky holds up his big uncut cock and gently slides his foreskin back and forth, over the end of his large bulging cock head. He then rubs some lube into it and gets down to some hot jerking off. Standing up, with rock hard dick, he gives us plenty of horny hands free action as he strokes his body. His cock throbs and twitches, looking even bigger than before.

Sky moves back to the sofa, lays back and continues working on his dick, gradually getting himself closer to climax. His abs bulge as he speeds up. Then his hot white spunk starts squirting out over his hard sweaty six pack, in horny slow motion, and continues pumping out as the cum dribbles down over his fingers. Sky gives a final look to the camera as he squeezes out every last drop of spunk.

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Tim Campbell barebacks Brian Jovovich’s hole

Tim Campbell barebacks Brian Jovovich

Brian Jovovich is paired up with the cheeky and irrepressible Tim Campbell in this condom free update. Both guys love fishing and it was an amazing experience for them to do it in South Africa,  and after catching a shark they discover they have more hobbies in common… sex! Tim is an excellent top and Brian responds the attention, shooting a huge load while he is still being fucked. Enjoy this beautiful set shot in Africa in HD+ size!

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Justin Blake & Guy Rogers for Hard Brit Lads

Justin Blake fucks Guy Rogers

Blue eyed blonde haired surfer Justin Blake gets an awesome servicing from super hot bisexual hairy fittie, Guy Rogers. They start off getting a feel of each others growing bulges in their shiny sports shorts, some hot nipple sucking, then they pull out each others dicks. Justin is super hung with a thick curved cock, loads of foreskin and pre-cum.

They jerk each other off, then take turns sucking on their knees, fucking each others faces, Justin demonstrates hot deepthroat skills, Guy tries, but Justin’s dick is way too big and thick. On the sofa now, Justin sucks Guy again, then lays back with Guy on his knees between his legs, and he manages to get Justin’s fat schlong pretty much right down his throat. Justin prises Guys beefy muscular hairy butt cheeks apart, sticking his tongue right in to lick his hole.

Eager to fuck, Guy rides it for a bit, facing us, then facing Justin, who pulls his arse cheeks apart to fuck his hole deep and hard. Finally, Guy is on his back for a final deep hard fucking, till he shoots a hot spunk load over his hairy abs.

Justin moves round to spunk into Guys face. Guy opens his mouth and Justin squirts out jet after jet of creamy white cum over his face and into his mouth. He shoots hard and he shoots plenty, and it’s all shown in horny slow motion.

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Hot Latino jerks his uncut cock for Latin Boyz

Jose jerks his uncut cock

Meet Jose; a hot 21 year old Latino with a nice-sized uncut cock. This straight dude lives in Las Vegas, but is a pure Latino. He is half Mexican on his mother’s side and half Spanish on his father’s side. He is straight and agreed to do this shoot because he needs the money pretty badly. He confesses that he once got his ass licked by a girl and he loved it. He is very horny and usually jerks off three of four times a day. Even though he jerks off a lot, he shoots big loads.

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