Latvian guy jerks his uncut cock

Serge jerks his uncut cock

Serge is a 26 year old amateur from Latvia. He says he’s straight, but admits he has fooled around with guys too. Well, I don’t really mind if he’s straight, gay or bisexual, I am just happy the folks over at Guys Casting convinced him to come over and jerk off in front of their camera. He seems to be very confident and isn’t shy at all. He gets out of his clothes fast and shows us his hairy chest and beautiful beefy body.

While he plays with himself to get his cock hard, we can see he has a lot of foreskin and it seems to be pretty tight. As his dick gets harder, his foreskin still covers a big part of his cockhead. Then he pulls his foreskin back to reveal that shiny helmet.

What I love to see when uncut guys jerk off, is that they slide the foreskin back and forth over their cockhead and Serge does exactly that during this casting video. His dick is rock hard and he strokes his beautiful uncut cock faster and faster, till he’s about to shoot his load. He pulls his foreskin back one last time and then fires an amazing load.  I am sure we’re going to see a lot more of Serge!

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