Hot Latino strokes his fat uncut cock

Latino with a fat uncut cock


He’s the kind of young man who can’t just have a wank and shoot his load, he needs to fully immerse himself in his masturbation and take complete control of his uncut Latino cock in a long session of penis play.

With his sexy inches of rampant cock swelling in his shorts he’s soon groping his muscle, revealing his inked and lean body and slipping his hand into his underwear.

In moments, he’s toying with the freed meat, his helmet and foreskin glistening wet with the juices leaking from his piss hole.

His thumb and fingers play with his hood, rubbing around his tender glans underneath the thin skin, tugging on the slippery prepuce, his balls swollen and dangling below the tumescent rod.

Lost in his pleasures he stares at his tool while he rubs and fingers the fleshy head, pumping his shaft in his grip and working his uncut Latino cock to the most blissful release.

With semen pumped over his smooth body he smears it around with his engorged and satisfied meat, savoring the messy result of his play.


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The Joy of Frotting

Frotting cocks

When two guys rub their cocks against each other… it’s called frotting! The term frotting comes from the French verb ‘frotter’ which literally means ‘to rub’.

Anyone who has ever rubbed his cock against another guy’s dick knows how great it feels. That feeling of another guy’s hard dick against my cock is so hot.

A couple of days ago, a straight friend of mine tried frotting for the very first time. I’m happy I was the one to give him that experience.

While I’ve seen his cock before, I never actually touched his dick. He has a beautiful cock with a long foreskin. To be honest, I have fantasized about stroking his cock… more than once.

Last week, I finally got the chance to hold his beautiful cock. He’s straight but curious.

rubbing dicks against each other

He was feeling super horny and wanted to try jerking off together. He actually meant stroking our own cocks while we sat next to each other. I knew that’s what he was suggesting, but I still tried to convince him to rub our cocks against each other.

To my surprise, he actually agreed! We rubbed our erect cocks together. I placed my hand around both of our cocks and started stroking. I felt his dick grow bigger. I always knew he had a big cock, but I never expected his dick to be this thick.

He was watching as I jerked our cocks and he clearly liked it. His hard cock soon started to leak pre-cum. My hands were getting wet as I stroked his cock head. Rubbing his wet cock against mine felt so good. My dick started to leak, too.

My hand massaged our wet cocks… mixing the sticky pre-cum we were both producing. I licked my hand to taste the sweetness. It tasted delicious.

Frotting uncut cocks

I then spit in my friend’s hand and told him to grab our cocks. With his hand placed firmly around our hard cocks, he started to stroke. His hand playing with both of our cocks felt so good.

We were both moaning as he picked up the pace. Our dicks were rock hard and our foreskins were sliding up and down over our wet cock heads.

His moans were getting harder and I knew he was getting close to cumming. I looked into his eyes when he released his creamy cum load. He kept stroking our dicks.

Uncut cocks frotting

His warm load just felt like the perfect lube. The combination of his warm seed, his big cock and his stroking hand was enough to make me cum. My cum load literally flew through the room and hit me right in the face.

I think we both enjoyed frotting a LOT!


Hung Amateur plays with his Big Uncut Cock

This guy has a beautiful big cock and he knows it. He clearly loves to tease and show off that juicy uncut dick. The video contains some very good close-ups of his meaty cock.

He pulls down his foreskin to reveal his big cock head and then moves his skin back up. You can see some pre-cum as he plays with his foreskin. I wish I could taste his sweet pre-cum, don’t you?

He uses both of his hands as he continues to play with that beautiful big penis. He also gives us a good look at his veins, which is super hot!

The boy then grabs his thick shaft and swings his dick from left to right. He even gives us some helicopter-spinning, before slapping his big dick against his legs.

What would you do with this boy’s uncut cock? Slide his foreskin up and down as you give him a handjob? Get his cock balls deep inside your mouth? Sit on his big cock and ride it?


Worker with long foreskin peeing in public

I’m pretty sure every single guy has at some point been at a public urinal and glanced at the private parts of the guys nearby and compared their own manhood subconsciously with that of the men near them.

And most men don’t give a fuck whenever someone takes a good look at their cock.

It’s not just gay guys who look at other dicks during a bathroom break. Every straight guy had a peek at a stranger’s dick… more than once.

Some guys find it hot to watch another man pee. Others simply love to compare sizes and some are just curious about how other dicks look.

Whatever the reason, I’d say it’s human nature and sometimes it’s damn hard to resist.

When the guy next to you is super hot or when your neighbor at the urinals is someone you actually know, it’s impossible not to look.

Sometimes, you get lucky and spot a beautiful uncut cock! I wouldn’t mind standing next to this worker and his big uncut dick.

I’d probably keep staring… I mean, look at that long foreskin!


This Foreskin Close-Up looks like Art

Foreskin Close-Up

I love flaccid uncut cocks as much as hard uncut cocks. Both are beautiful, right?

What I love most is watching a dick grow… especially that moment when a guy’s dickhead pops out.

I would love to watch the cock in this close-up photo get hard. The skin covering that flaccid cock almost looks like art.

It actually makes me wonder how this piece would look on my living room wall – lol

I wish I could watch that skin stretch and see this dude’s cockhead slowly take off its skin coat.

Close up of flaccid uncut cock




Into Cock Docking? Into Cum? Both?

Are you into cock docking? I love to put my cock into another guy’s foreskin and ‘fuck’ his dick. Jerking off while someone else’s foreskin covers my dick just feels so good.

I love dating guys with loose foreskin, because shooting a load of cum inside another dude’s foreskin is incredibly hot.

So, tell me… are you a cock docking fan? Have you ever put your cock into someone else’s foreskin? Have you ever put your foreskin over another cock?