Worker with long foreskin peeing in public

I’m pretty sure every single guy has at some point been at a public urinal and glanced at the private parts of the guys nearby and compared their own manhood subconsciously with that of the men near them.

And most men don’t give a fuck whenever someone takes a good look at their cock.

It’s not just gay guys who look at other dicks during a bathroom break. Every straight guy had a peek at a stranger’s dick… more than once.

Some guys find it hot to watch another man pee. Others simply love to compare sizes and some are just curious about how other dicks look.

Whatever the reason, I’d say it’s human nature and sometimes it’s damn hard to resist.

When the guy next to you is super hot or when your neighbor at the urinals is someone you actually know, it’s impossible not to look.

Sometimes, you get lucky and spot a beautiful uncut cock! I wouldn’t mind standing next to this worker and his big uncut dick.

I’d probably keep staring… I mean, look at that long foreskin!


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