Hung Amateur plays with his Big Uncut Cock

This guy has a beautiful big cock and he knows it. He clearly loves to tease and show off that juicy uncut dick. The video contains some very good close-ups of his meaty cock.

He pulls down his foreskin to reveal his big cock head and then moves his skin back up. You can see some pre-cum as he plays with his foreskin. I wish I could taste his sweet pre-cum, don’t you?

He uses both of his hands as he continues to play with that beautiful big penis. He also gives us a good look at his veins, which is super hot!

The boy then grabs his thick shaft and swings his dick from left to right. He even gives us some helicopter-spinning, before slapping his big dick against his legs.

What would you do with this boy’s uncut cock? Slide his foreskin up and down as you give him a handjob? Get his cock balls deep inside your mouth? Sit on his big cock and ride it?


Uncut amateur gets serviced

Ethan gets serviced

Ethan is back! He’s still on the D.L. to his fiancé about doing porn, but when I mentioned getting a “happy ending” massage there was a light in his eyes that made me think he’d be calling sooner than later.

Ethan said it’s something he’s always wanted to try, even though it was implicit that he meant getting one from a girl. With some porn playing in the background, he figured he’d give it a shot and make some cash while at it.

I started out as usual, with Ethan laying face down, getting rubbed down from his back to his feet. I spread his legs to pull his uncut cock between, and as soon as I touched it, it began swelling up.

Ethan turned over to his back and was already hard. I teased him a bit as I oiled up his chest and stomach, making sure to give his foreskin a tug as my hands ran by. I grabbed the lube and started stroking Ethan’s cock which made him moan as his eyes squeezed shut, enjoying the attention he was getting.

Ethan told me he liked a little pressure behind his balls, so while rubbing my fingers across his ‘taint’ I started stroking him up to the grand finale. Ethan let out a loud moan, “Oh, I’m about to cum!” and released a creamy load onto his pubes and down my hand.

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Mike Rivers jerks his thick uncut cock

Mike Rivers strokes his uncut cock

This is Mike Rivers‘ second video for the You Love Jack and he’s never looked better! From his dreamy brown eyes and mischievous smile to his fat uncut cock – this dirty little twink has got it going on in spades.

Mike admits he’s versatile and normally bottoms but lately he’s been thinking about putting his battering ram of an uncut cock to use as a top. But today, he’s all about filling his own hole so he lubes up a butt plug and guides it easily inside his asshole. The camera comes in for a brilliant close up as he works that dildo in and out of his asshole.

You can see his ass lips stretch wide to accommodate the girth of his transparent intruder. Clamping down on the shaft as he plows it in and out of his body. He sticks it all the way in and takes his hand away. Proudly plugged and loving every minute of it

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David Brown jerks his big uncut cock

David Brown jerks his uncut cock

Newbie David Brown can’t seem to wipe that cocky smirk off his face. One look at hisenormous uncut cock and you’ll know why… That thing is huge!

He pulls his massive pole out of his pants and wags it at the camera with a grin before showing off his tight little asshole. He crams a transparent butt plug in there and fucks himself real good before squirting a thick load of piping hot cum all over his belly. That’ll stick to your ribs!

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Jake Hall jerks his nice uncut cock

Jake Hall jerks his uncut cock

From his piercing green eyes and beautiful face, to his beautiful uncut cock and hungry asshole… Jake Hall is the complete package! He has a very tight foreskin, which covers his cock head, even when his dick is rock hard.

He pulls out his uncut cock and wags it at the camera before pulling up his legs and spreading his cheeks to show off his tight little asshole. He works two fingers up his ass before stuffing it full of a transparent butt plug. His asshole clamps tight around his new best friend as he splatters a mess of cum all over his shirt then licks it clean like a good little bottom!

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Lukas jerks his uncut cock during his audition

Lukas jerks his uncut cock during his porn audition

At First Auditions, Lukas is a randy bearded guy who can ejaculate several times in the same day. He’s since performed in several porn videos but this is his very first time audition. He is a consummate professional looking into ways to increase his load so he can give more impressive cum shots.

He doesn’t like to put any sexuality labels on himself. Basically the more people having sex with him at the same time the better. It will be exciting to work further with this eager and experimental student.

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Latvian guy jerks his uncut cock

Serge jerks his uncut cock

Serge is a 26 year old amateur from Latvia. He says he’s straight, but admits he has fooled around with guys too. Well, I don’t really mind if he’s straight, gay or bisexual, I am just happy the folks over at Guys Casting convinced him to come over and jerk off in front of their camera. He seems to be very confident and isn’t shy at all. He gets out of his clothes fast and shows us his hairy chest and beautiful beefy body.

While he plays with himself to get his cock hard, we can see he has a lot of foreskin and it seems to be pretty tight. As his dick gets harder, his foreskin still covers a big part of his cockhead. Then he pulls his foreskin back to reveal that shiny helmet.

What I love to see when uncut guys jerk off, is that they slide the foreskin back and forth over their cockhead and Serge does exactly that during this casting video. His dick is rock hard and he strokes his beautiful uncut cock faster and faster, till he’s about to shoot his load. He pulls his foreskin back one last time and then fires an amazing load.  I am sure we’re going to see a lot more of Serge!

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