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Diamond is like a force of nature. When he walks into the room all eyes are on him, not just because he is stunning to look at but because he has an energy that’s magnetic but unassuming. He is ultra-masculine and so when he told us that he was bisexual, we were very interested to hear more about that side of him. Diamond is 24 years old, is 5’10” tall, weighs 175 lbs and has an 8″ uncut cock.

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It’s been a long time since Marcus Troy first appeared on Butch Dixon. Marcus was first filmed several years ago before Butch Dixon had even considered creating his masculine man porn site. Back then Marcus Troy was a hot cub with boyish good looks and a moderately hairy body. Now, several years later, Marcus Troy is back and he’s gotten a whole lot hotter. This hairy muscle bear is looking more like a daddy than a young, bear cub.

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Devin is one tall, lean dude. He’s 6′ 6″! He moved out to San Diego for college where a mutual friend introduced us. When we got to talking he asked what I did for a living. I put it pretty bluntly: “Well, I film a lot of straight guys jacking off.” Devin’s eyes lit up. “Really? I’d be interested doing in that!”

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