Hot Latino strokes his fat uncut cock

Latino with a fat uncut cock


He’s the kind of young man who can’t just have a wank and shoot his load, he needs to fully immerse himself in his masturbation and take complete control of his uncut Latino cock in a long session of penis play.

With his sexy inches of rampant cock swelling in his shorts he’s soon groping his muscle, revealing his inked and lean body and slipping his hand into his underwear.

In moments, he’s toying with the freed meat, his helmet and foreskin glistening wet with the juices leaking from his piss hole.

His thumb and fingers play with his hood, rubbing around his tender glans underneath the thin skin, tugging on the slippery prepuce, his balls swollen and dangling below the tumescent rod.

Lost in his pleasures he stares at his tool while he rubs and fingers the fleshy head, pumping his shaft in his grip and working his uncut Latino cock to the most blissful release.

With semen pumped over his smooth body he smears it around with his engorged and satisfied meat, savoring the messy result of his play.


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Hot Latino jerks his uncut cock for Latin Boyz

Jose jerks his uncut cock

Meet Jose; a hot 21 year old Latino with a nice-sized uncut cock. This straight dude lives in Las Vegas, but is a pure Latino. He is half Mexican on his mother’s side and half Spanish on his father’s side. He is straight and agreed to do this shoot because he needs the money pretty badly. He confesses that he once got his ass licked by a girl and he loved it. He is very horny and usually jerks off three of four times a day. Even though he jerks off a lot, he shoots big loads.

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Domingo jerks his fat uncut Latino cock

Domingo jerks his uncut cock

Our tropical adventure continues with another amazing discovery in the Dominican Republic. Meet 18 year old Domingo! Domingo was discovered by our photographer in the capital city of Santa Domingo where he is a student and working part-time in a famous fast-food restaurant.

He was eager to model for the cash but was a little bit shy during his shoot. Domingo is uncut; just the way we like them and fucking thick with a foreskin that covers the entire head of his cock even when he is hard! Now that would be quite a mouthful!

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Latino amateur with a fat uncut cock

Nico jerks his fat uncut cock

Nico is a laidback 20 year old kid from Argentina who sent us an email telling us that he wanted to be on the site. Normally we conduct interviews in person but we decided to do the interview online since Nico had a webcam on his computer. He’s certainly got a full head of hair and wears it in the typical shaggy style that is popular with young guys from Argentina.

Nico is not shy and why should he be with an amazing fucking body like he’s got! We were drawn to his dark good looks but little did we know the amazing body that he was hiding under that track suit! Of course, that is not the only surprise that Nico has for you…he’s also packing a huge thick uncut cock! Nico is bi and with a body like his why not do it all…I mean, his body is just made for sex and he tells us that he enjoys a lot of it!

Nico is a student and like most students he never has enough money so when we offered to shoot him he was very eager. Nico tells us he goes to the gym now and then but as you can see his build is natural just the way we like our boyz here at Miami Boyz! Enjoy this exclusive shoot and watch Nico shoot his hot load of cum!

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Beneto strokes his uncut latino cock

Bento strokes his uncut latino cock

Beneto is a hot 19 year old who we noticed playing basketball at the park. He was in a jersey that showed off his lean arms and torso so we knew that he had a great build…we also noticed his sexy face and the noticeable bulge in his shorts! We wanted to see more so we waited until the game was over and the guys started to leave…we gave him our business card and told him to call when he got a chance.

We didn’t have to wait long…we got an email from him that very night…he had checked out the site and decided to send some photos of himself…nude photos! We were right…he has the whole package from the 6 pack abs to the uncut cock we were expecting!

He was very easy to work with and had no attitude at all…just eager to show off his 19 year old body for us (and you) to enjoy!

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