Andy Lee’s uncut 9 incher

Andy Lee strokes his uncut cock

When I first met Andy Lee, I was pretty amazed at how tall he was! I mean this guy is huge! I’d seen the photos that Andy sent me before we met and I still had no idea he was gonna be such a big guy. It was pretty funny because I had planned to take these shots of him in my small hotel bathroom. So by the time he got in there there was barely room for me to get in with the camera.

It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with this blokey straight guy. We joked about as he tried not to wet me while I lay shooting on the bathroom floor below him. The second surprise came when he dropped those speedos. Andy is really hung! Fat and long! Now that’s one really big dick.

Andy was a bit shy at first so I left him alone for a little bit while he worked his cock hard. And it just kept getting bigger! And then it pretty much served as a spout pouring watering all over me. This was a solo shoot for Andy’s first scene. But now that I have seen that huge uncut bull cock, I’d love to see him fucking.

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